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Since the very beginning CISV Luxembourg is hosting International Programmes in the Summer

2020 CISV Year of Sustainable Development

Unfortunately, CISV International had to cancel all programmes for the March-April and June-August season, due to COVID-19. We had intended to host a Step Up 15 this summer. 

2019 CISV Year of Conflict & Resolution

CISV International Village "Nondikass"

2019 will be a challenging year for us as we are going to host a Village for about 80 participants for  28 days. 

CISV Villages are international camps that bring 11 years olds together  to learn from each other and the world around them. The children come together from many different countries to take part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities.

We will welcome delegations from 12 different countries. Each delegation has two boys and two girls, accompanied by an adult leader. The camp is coordinated by adult staff, supported by Junior Counsellors (age 16-17).


To be able to achieve this we need your help and  your support. Please contact us


2018 CISV Year of Diversity


August 2018 was dedicated to the 12 to 13 year olds.  Participants from Austria, The Nethelands, Norway, Great Britain and of course Luxembourg followed our invitation to join us for 2 weeks in Clairefontaine.  Each country was represented by 6 children and their adult leader and were coordinated by an Jessi, Silja & Marcel, all from Germany,  Shachar from Israel and Marie from Luxembourg


The children learnt to explore aspects of the theme of the year: diversity, topic that affects us all. They shared their perspectives and learned from each other. Another challenge for them was also to think on how they can use what they gained from the Prorgramme experience – the new understanding and planning and communication skills – beyond the camp in school, college or community.  In CISV nothing happens without Friendship and fun and we hope that ll participants had plenty of this.


2017 CISV Year of Human Rights

CISV Seminar Camp

In August we hosted about 24 participants from Algeria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Ecuador, Egypt, France Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Israel, Norway , Sweden and of course Luxembourg. All were 18 to 19 years old and during their 3 weeks of Programm in Clairefontaine, their mission was quite simple: make the porgramme work and make it a success as they were in the driving seat. Beside that, fun was never to be missed

This personally challenging, intensive programme is coordinated by the young participants themselves. They develop their own agenda and explore global issues based on their backgrounds and interests, through activities and in-depth discussions.


All this happend under the supervision and assistance of international adult staff composed of Lis & Livi from Luxembourg, Daniel from Brazil and Rike form Germany.  

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